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Mayor Ryan Sloyer’s Prepared Remarks

East Greenville Mayor Ryan Sloyer's prepared remarks that he requested to read at Monday night's meeting of the Upper Perk Police Commission.


            I thought about preparing a rebuttal for the remarks Mayor Lightcap made in the paper last week, but why should I reduce myself to her level.  I decided to provide the facts and documentation to support my decision and East Greenville council member's decision to vote "No" for the Chief's contract.  The residents of East Greenville can draw their own conclusion after reading the facts.

            Over the years, I have negotiated contracts for the Chief and Officers, presented the contracts for approval or rejection of the tentative contracts, and over the years, the smaller items now have become larger expenses.  Both councils voted to approve all the contracts because those items didn't outweigh the expense of arbitration at the time.

            The five members you see here tonight don't want the people to know the associated cost with the contract proposal voted down by East Greenville.  Behind closed doors, Andrew Rock and Tim Huff have discussed the finances of the police department at the expiration of the officer's contract; such as salary caps, layoffs and part-time police coverage as options.  I guess they don't want to be labeled with the department, like I have been labeled.  We should be working to ensure Upper Perk Police is sustainable for years to come, not wait until the last minute to decide affordability.   We should be open-minded to all options for police coverage within our respected boroughs.

            Here are the facts of the contract East Greenville voted DOWN:

            October's commission meeting, we talked about the condition of our vehicle fleet, how to pay for new cars, thousands of dollars for repairs, withdrawing monies from savings (leaving $1,000), and tabled the decisions until we make sure our 2014 budget is in the black versus 2013 when we were in the red.  I voted "No" at the commission meeting and Chief Devlin knew prior to the meeting that might happen.

            Chief Devlin has lived outside of the boroughs over his 12-years as chief, as far away as Lehighton for several years and no one on the commission or borough councils had issue with the travel time to respond, since he is on call 24/7, 365 days.  Mayor Lightcap served on the commission during her first term as Mayor.

            Pennsburg police commission members, Tim Huff and Andrew Rock all voted for the following:

1.      4-year contract (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

2.      3% raise each year, current 2014 salary $86,000; end of contract $97,000.

3.      Longevity pay – 5% of salary (yearly).  Ex. $89,000 x 5% - $4,450 for 2015.

4.      Department vehicle for back and forth to work - $2,000 - $2,500 per year.  Conservative cost estimate for gas/maintenance/wear and tear.

5.      25 paid vacation days per year.

6.      7 paid personal days per year (increased by 2)

7.      10 sick days per year.

8.      12 paid holidays per year (increase by 1)

9.      Chief Devlin contributes 1.5% of W-2 towards pension each year.

10.  Health insurance – No out-of-pocket cost until after deductible is met, then he only pays prescription co-pay ($13,000 in 2015) – historical increases 10% - 20%.

11.  $500 uniform/maintenance reimbursement (yearly).

12.  $100 boot/shoe reimbursement (yearly).

13.  Educational bonus.


Total estimated cost of the 4-year agreement $489,000.


            After East Greenville voted "No" to the above, Chairman Andrew Rock wanted to remove the vehicle and give an additional 5 paid personal days, in which I stated, I would not support.  This would have given the chief 10 paid personal days.

            The paid time-off for the four-year agreement would have been a minimum of $77,500.

            I will vote yes for this contract since we have reduced items from the last proposal, but still need to work for affordability and sustainability.

            Just an FYI, we had only 3 vehicles on the street recently due to the condition of the vehicles and mechanical issues.

            I believe the residents will see through the smoke screen now that the facts are clear and the press has a copy for accuracy with reporting the facts.


Have a great Thanksgiving


Ryan Sloyer 





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